Deborah B. Smith
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Children's Murals
Surfing Fun
Island Explorer
Rain Forest
Pirate's Treasure
Pampered Poodle
Princess' Castle
Mythical Mermaids
Medieval Dragon
Fast Cars Racing
Harp and Kitties
Fashion Diva
Pretty Princess
Surf and Sun
Lolly Pop Tree Park
Wilderness Wolves’
Field of Horses
Animal Jazz Band
Dino Room
Circus Room
Carousel Room
Tea and Roses
Classic Car
Seagull Beach
Dollhouse Room
Vintage Airplanes
Garden View
Frog Pond
Princess Mirror
Peter Rabbit
Mischievous Monkeys
Elephant in the Jungle
Sports Mural
Heart Tree
Dragon Room
Hat Rack
Jungle Room
Star Trek Mural

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